About Us

We offer authentic cultural experience of a region by allowing our guests to immerse in

- Local Culture

- Local home made food

- Local Languages and customs

- Local attractions

All this from the comfort and security of a Homestay.


Our Host

Meet the best people in India who will treat you like a personal guest and not a customer. We are proud of our diversity of hosts coming from all walks of life like housewives, artists, retired officials, small business owners & more.

Enjoy your stay with personalized recommendations & insider knowledge that you won’t find in guidebooks or online reviews.


Our Homestays

All our homestays are 4 & above rated in their reviews & offer delicious local cuisine. So your next home can be in mountains, forests, sand dunes, riverside, beachside or in the heart of a historical city. With great hospitality, we also ensure your basic requirements like wifi connectivity for workation, clean & safe accommodation, parking facilities & more.


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