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Focused on Offbeat Destinations & Unique Stays In India.


Offbeat Destinations & Hidden Gems, Best Of Unexplored Natural Beauty.


In Handpicked Unique Homes. Be it their Design, Location or Culture.


Amazing Hospitality, Nature’s Beauty & Vibrant Diverse Cultures.



No “Discovery + Booking” platform for Travelers to:

  • Find Offbeat Destinations & Unexplored Hidden Gems.
  • Get Authentic Cultural Experiences, Food & Hospitality.
  • Experience Unique Festivals celebrated in a region.

Limited Tourist Destinations

  • Majority tourism is limited to a few Indian states & moreover a few destinations, even in those states.
  • Leading to getting overcrowded year after year resulting in Civil Infrastructure Failure.

Boring Hotel Experience

  • Everyone wishes to stay in Unique homes on their vacation.
  • But finding really unique homes is hard. Most apps just show expensive villas.

Travellers Scammed with Deceiving Photos:

  • Most apps don’t transparently showcase the entire stay, you find deceiving photos & false descriptions.
  • Customers feeling cheated & disappointed when they reach.

No Platform For Host:

  • Some homes are Unique, they need to be showcased, to get attraction initially.
  • Hosts in offbeat destinations & Remote villages don’t have a platform to showcase and get attraction.

Value Proposition

Discovery + Booking Platform

Our unique Platform allows travelers to find New Destinations, Without entering any Location, Just Based on their Vibe.

Culture Homestays

Our handpicked Homestays, Run By Best Local Families.Offering Authentic cultural Immersion, Delicious Local Delicacies & Genuine Hospitality.

Promoting Hidden Gems

We showcase & promote Hidden Gems across India, to develop alternative destinations.Both on our app & social media, all with the power of video content.

Unique Stays

To ensure your stay experience is as good as your destination, we handpick each stay and correctly showcase what makes it unique.Ex: The Architecture, The View, The Location, The Host & Much More.

Transparent Booking Experience

Travelers watch videos of entire stay and get a clear view of the Home,Its Surrounding View, Interiors & The Host.We even mention if a place needs a walk to reach and the time required. 

Unique Indian Festivals

We showcase lesser known but unique & vibrant Indian festivals & traditions,& let travelers instantly book the event.Like: Paippad Boat Race, Theyam, Phaguli, Pushkar Holi & More.

Smart Trip Planner

No More Blogs, No PDF Itineraries.Just 2 Clicks & our algorithms plan a visual Itinerary. Check your Stay, Meals, Transport & Sightseeing Info in 1 Screen & Instantly Book For All in 1 Step.

Vision & Mission

“When People explore different cultures & feel welcomed, The world gets slightly more united.”

Be the World’s most loved website among travelers for Offbeat Destinations & Cultural Stays.

Create New Holiday Destinations in India

Showcase Authentic Cultural Diversity of India

Focus on Hidden Gems around Landscape Beauty

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