Female Solo Travel

Solo traveling is a different type of experience where you get a new world view & also get to know more about your inner self.

Men have been doing it for decades.
However, female solo travelers are a growing phenomena especially in India and it is exciting to see more and more women getting out of their homes to explore the world, experience diverse cultures and natural beauty.

Still not an easy task:

Security is still the biggest concern for Indian parents and news of crime against women makes it even harder for a new traveler to convince the parents. But this can easily be tackled with a bit of research and some pro tips that you can see in this blog.

Women Solo Traveling In India


Even if you stay in a five star hotel or a three star resort, parents are still bothered about the safety and the kind of people you will be surrounded by.
The best solution to this is staying in places hosted by females and families and what better than homestays in India and platforms like culturetravel.in, help you find authentic and highly reviewed homestays across India.

Doing a small video call with the host is a great way of satisfying the worries of your family. Homestays also act as your window to immerse in the local culture authenticly and closely.

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Doing a bit of research about your destination does no harm & it also helps you to plan your journey better.
India being a very diverse country in terms of culture, traditions & natural attractions, it is better to plan accordingly so you can make the best from your trip.
If you are not sure about your destination, select states instead of location on CultureTravel Map and get recommendations of unexplored, offbeat,peaceful stays and get to see activities and major attractions around your stay in one glance.

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Public transports are ideal not just from a security perspective but also from budget perspective and if you have to book a private taxi, it is smarter to share your location with someone known or where you're heading to.
Most of the people that you will meet on your journey will be great yet there is no harm in being vigilant.

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Build your community by interacting with other solo travelers and listening to their empowering Travels stories.
Your local host can act as your guide and friend to show around unexplored spots which you might not find in local guides or online reviews.
Share your empowering solo Journeys with others to inspire them.

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Best destinations for Solo traveling:

Nowadays with Homestay culture you can visit almost every place in India with CultureTravel however some of the top places visited by female travelers are :

  • Meghalaya, Mizoram being a matriarchy society is considered one of the safest places for female solo travelers.
  • Uttarakhand and Himachal are on every traveler's bucket list to experience the beauty of Himalayas and is considered highly safe for female solo Travelers as well.
  • Kerala, God's own country should be on every traveler's bucket list to see the beauty of Backwaters, Beach side walk & Dense greenery.

Hacks to organize your journey easily:

  • Visit platforms like Culture Travel to book best home stays across India, you can easily watch videos of the homestay, the host and the surroundings, you can read reviews from previous travelers and make your decision.
    If you are going to a new state, their Traveler planner can quickly make your itinerary keeping all the above points in mind.
  • Always keep your luggage light and a separate section for your Essentials that you might need.
  • Keeping a small knife comes handy for eating fruits and for self defense if needed.
  • Sharing your itinerary or whatsapp location with someone trusted is recommended especially when you are in transit.

So all those Aspiring to start their solo travel, overcome the existing challenges without tips and start on your empowering journey to see the world in a new light.

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