What are the advantages of homestay tourism?

Travelling is about experiencing new, attractive and unforgettable. People travel for lot of reasons and hence it is very important to choose your accommodation as per your travel needs. With more and more options getting mainstreamed for accommodation like tents, boutique stays, homestays etc. But Homestay Tourism is becoming popular in coming days.

Homestays and hotels are the most preferred among travelers and tourists and each option has their own merits and demerits. If you haven’t experienced homestay tourism yet then book now.

Tourists Prefer Homestay Tourism


When we are travelling major chunk of our budget goes into accommodation, hence it is wiser to choose homestays if you are travelling experience authentic vibe of a region.

Home stays homestay are more affordable then hotels and one of the major reason for this being government policies and the taxes you pay on a hotel booking versus Homestay booking.

Hotels also come in budget to luxury range, however in budget hotels customers typically compromise with quality standards and luxury range also focuses more on amenities than the experience.

Best Homestays In India


Both homestays and hotels give customers option for in-house dining.

However, homestays focuses more on offering delicious homemade local cuisines, freshly prepared for small set of customers. They may not offer a wide range of options to choose from but but you can surely indulge in local delicacies in their authentic form.

Hotels offer a wide range of options to choose from like continental, chinese, indian and many more cuisines, but they may not specialise in the local delicacies. And since they cater to a larger set of customers, a lot of menu items are cooked in batches and may not be freshly prepared for each customer.

Just like the stay food is also very affordable in home stays from breakfast and dinner price ranging between 100 to 400 per person while in most hotels you end up paying that much for a single dish.

authentic  food

Cultural immersion:

India’s diversity has a lot to offer, spread over breathtaking landscapes and cultural heritage. One can immerse in the vibrant culture and natural attractions by staying in the best homestays, handpicked by CultureTravel, managed by locals with love.
Staying with a local host allows you to closely experience the local traditions, languages and getting great recommendations which you will not find in any guide books or online reviews.

Hotels were primarily designed to Cater high volumes of tourist and therefore may not offer same level of cultural immersion as well as personalised connect. And because of standardization across cities, the not provide the same depth of local knowledge and community interaction.

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Homestays cater to all the basic amenities and requirements like private bathrooms, comfortable bedding, AC and geysers. Some host may go to an extra mile to allow guest to use their kitchens and do self cooking. With growing millennial crowd, majority of home stays also offer Wi-Fi facilities so work does not stop.

Hotels are known for amenities and depending on the type of Hotel, budget to luxury type, you can find facilities like room service, fitness centres, swimming pool and fine dine.

Amanites in homestays of india


Home stays offer highest flexibility as compared to any other mode of accommodation. Hosts typically allow for flexible checking and check out, they also consider your dietary restrictions, pick ups and drops and and pet friendly accommodations.

Hotels having a more structured approach towards operating business, as they have to standardize the experience, are typically strict about checkin and check out timings.

Overall if you are a frequent Traveller and are looking to experience authentic culture, local food and great hospitality, homestays is the right choice.
However a lot of small budget hotels also promote them self as homestays to get tax benefits.

You can simply follow these two steps to always get authentic homestays run by locals.

  • Read reviews of the earlier travellers about the hospitality.
  • Book home stays from trusted platforms like culture travel where you can watch videos of the host, the house and this surroundings and book securely.
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