What makes CultureTravel Homestays Special?

best homestay in india

The best homestays offer a memorable experience with their warm hospitality. All the CultureTravel homestays are measured on these key factors before on-boarding:

1. Genuine Hospitality:

The most important factor to determine good home stay experience is the host. Hosts who are genuinely interested in sharing their space as well as their stories with the guests visiting.
Making guests feel comfortable and welcome in the house and guiding them about the nearby places so that guests can experience the best of the destination.

men in rajasthani attire

2. Culture:

The primary reason for people to choose home stays over hotels is a desire to experience the culture and lifestyle of their destination more closely and in its authentic form.
Hence it is very important that homestay offers opportunities for the guest to immerse in cultural activities, guided tours & exploring local spots.
Every homestay on CultureTravel.in represents the culture and local lifestyle of that region.

Indian culture and lifestyle

3. Clean and comfortable stay:

After exploring different attractions during the day, it becomes very important for the guest to have comfortable and clean accommodation when they want to rest.
This is a very important part of the guests' review of the stay and it should not be compromised for any reason.
One can check reviews of each stay before booking and will find that our homestays have only 4+ ratings out of 5.

Rooms in Wayanad by CultureTravel Homestays

4. Food:

Homemade food is the best representation of the actual taste of the popular cuisine of the destination. For travelers it becomes very important that they eat healthy so they can truly enjoy themselves. Some even Crave for homemade food when they travel for longer durations.
Home stays brings things the best of both, you can indulge in delicious local cuisines while While getting the quality and freshness of a home cooked meal.

Indian home cooked meal

5. Privacy:

While socializing is good, everyone wants their own space at the end of the day and a good homestay Should strike the right balance between socializing and privacy.
There should be common spots for socializing while keeping the guest stay completely private and separate

People sitting by the bonfire

6. Safety & Security:

Guests trust the homestay with their well being and security too.
So it is essential that basic measures have been taken for security as well as emergency Situations.

7. Knowledgeable Hosts:

Hosts are also playing a role of the local guides and guests actually plan their travel as per their suggestions , so it is important to have a knowledgeable local host, who knows the place well and can suggest different places around the destination as per the guests requirements.
With CultureTravel Homestays all hosts are authentic locals of the region and have vast knowledge about their surroundings.

Host of best homestay in Goa

8. Flexibility:

Homestays are also liked a lot by the guests for the flexibility they offer.
Be it early check in and late checkout or accommodating special dietary requirements. Such flexibility makes it a preferred choice for families as well.

Indian Family enjoying Picnic

9. Secure Payment

Booking homestays through unknown sources is risky due to potential last-minute cancellations and homestay owners ghosting you. Trusted platforms like CultureTravel offer secure payment.
methods for peace of mind.

secure payment

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